Real Property Consulting Services

Real property consulting services include institutional, private and public sector projects and engagements for both real estate and commercial business opportunities.

Market Analysis

Market studies and analysis provide the client with quantifiable data or information of discernable patterns or urban growth structure and change that affect real estate sub-markets of existing and planned product. An in depth analysis of the supply and demand factors that may detract or enhance value of a specific property type and market.

Cost and Re-Use Studies and Analysis

A cost study or re-use analysis of real property is undertaken to investigate the costs of a specific project within a defined market. Public services include assistance in planning and budgetary needs for real property acquisitions and re-use analysis of projects. Private services include cost studies and proposed or re-use project analysis by providing assistance and relevant recommendations for client’s needs.

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Discounted cash flow analysis can be provided given the client’s or investor’s criteria applied to a set of projected income streams and reversion. The quantity, timing, duration of the income stream as well as the reversion is considered to a present value. Also, a net present value (NPV) or internal rate of return (IRR) can be measured by analyzing the difference in the present value of all expected cash flows and the present value capital outlays or negative cash flows.

Highest and Best Use Studies

A study or analysis of various development types or a mix of proposed and existing/renovated uses to obtain the greatest economic advantage or return on investment after testing for the uses that are legally permissible, physically possible, financially feasible and that result in the highest value.

Expert Testimony

Provide testimony by a court qualified expert witness to support real property valuations or consulting services in property owner/tenant disputes or resolutions, arbitration, litigation and hearing matters.

Trial Exhibit Preparation

Preparation of trial exhibits to support real property valuations or consulting services for arbitration, litigation and hearing matters. Exhibit presentations can be produced on foam core boards or electronically.

Site Analysis

A study or analysis to evaluate a site or location of a specific project given the client’s or investor’s criteria.

Commercial Loan Placements

Experience in obtaining all types of commercial and real estate placements with bank and non-bank sources. Particularly capable of placing real estate construction and renovation loans and/or real estate take out loans.

Educational Services

Instruction of real estate related courses, seminars, and mini-conferences for colleges and clients. Also, provide services about how to read, review, understand and use the appraisal by a non-appraisal employee.

Research Services

State, County, and City research of real property information, including rental and sale information of markets.

New Construction

Cost Analysis

Discounted Cash Flow

Highest and Best Use Analysis

Trial Exhibits

Site Analysis